What is "Molecules of Art & more..." ?

It is my personal project, based on a definitely crazy basement: my creativity!!
In 2010 I started (...again, but this time seriously!) to look at Visual Arts, at Design and all about this amazing "World"!!
So I began this path joint (past of the verb join, author-entry) to the "actual-money-bringer" job.
I'm working day-time as IT/ICT Consultant. I'm 27 and it is never too late!!
So days are made of me in other peolpe's life and nights became my real life, where I have time to create, to read, to write, to think...and breath!! Sleep is an option, my eyes aren't so happy, but life goes on!! 
I started to painting and drawing a lot. I also created a couple of sculptures, mainly ready-made. I improved my photography and digital art skills, my point of view is much more wide now.
I'm studying and training by myself in video editing and music production. I think I'll take a class as sooner as possible about these.
But my creativity is not only Visual Arts, I am even a writer and poet. Can I gimme this Status??
I wrote some poetries in the past, I've collected the best ones and I've written lots of new recently. I sent all to an Editor and here in Italy this year (I hope) you should be able to buy in every bookshops my first "Book"!
But I'm writing also a novel! Yeah! I can't stop myself, you can't stop me, anybody couldn't stop me!!
The novel is finished, I'm fixing it in the best way before send it to all Italian Editors!
But even if "Molucules" is a project about me, I'd really like to help other local Artists and Writers.
I live in a small Italian town on Alps where dreams remain dreams and nobody helps you to try to make 'em real. I have not so much money to help everybody, but I wanna receive lot of feedbacks and build a kind of "Club" where talk about ideas and concepts, a little kind of marketing.
Something good in an hard-crisis period!! I haven't any feedback yet, so I continue to talk about me!!
I'm doing all by myself, I'm discovering how hard is reach the top or maybe just the middle.
For sure I have a salary till December 2011, that I use to buy materials, tools and instruments.
I am not better or worse than noone else, I'm just me, writer and artist, and I wanna hit the top, who doesn't want?

But I'd like to help other "Souls", maybe I can't do it alone, but I'm trying, I wanna do it.
Maybe they don't want to be helped, no problem, I won't get angry. I never stop to work on myself.
For all questions, explanations or anything, comments are free!

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