giovedì 1 settembre 2011

Design. The Other Passion.

For Sure Design is great!! I love it, more than painting I gotte be honest...
By the way...I've taken part to many Internet contest!! I also got pretty much ThumbsUp, but win is not easy in this big-full-of-real-good-artists world...
I found out a contest promoted by MTV and Swatch(R), that is really nice. The contest is closed, but you can still use the "Creator" software, that is really funny! Here they are my firts experiments...

I chose the name of the designs thinking about some messages I'd like to put in them.




Just for fun



I hope you like them and I think I'll play again (and a lot) with this tool, so get ready to more ideas!
If you'll create your own design, let me know, I can post it here with your Copyrights.

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