mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

Wazzup with the Novel?

Welcome back everybody!
You know I'm doing many things, maybe too much things, but I need to take my poor human mind active!!
One of my "work", part of this individual project, is Writing a Novel!!
I explained in previous post (in italian) why and how I started this adventure...

All is about a girl...I know, I know...easy plot, you could say... But no! It's not easy, it's more wierd and it's alla about inspiration!! Now, back to the Novel!

It's a psycho-drama-human-fiction-not fantasy-story in wich everybody can find something about them, I hope. It's written in italian, but I hope it will be a Best-Seller and translated all over the world!!
Ambitious!! Yeah!
I wrote it in one month, but only the plot with main dialogues and locations and movements.
A kind of movie-copycat. I'd like to see a movie about my book!! (Who doesn't?)
Now I'm fix all the characters, the situations, the feelings, the colours, the sounds, the timing...everything, and it is a real hard work!! Finished the fixing I'll give it to read to a couple of friends of mine, useful because they will correct grammar and will gimme a first analysis of the whole plot.
So I can fix again before send it to all Italian Editors!

Fixing takes lot of time, I have to focus on every detail. I wanna do a great job, wich Editors would love and publish, after other fixing, no problem! I am here to learn, and to learn I need someone who teachs me!!
There aren't trivial ideas, because every idea could be unique and something special.
Now I fixed 8 chapters on 20, maybe it's not so much but I am very proud because it is becoming very nice.
Just a slice of my project, where I'm really focus. A project made of art, books and much more...

I love it and it is the reason I am looking everyday at everything, to catch every single nuance in the world. Write to live. Paint to live. Create to live. Think to breath!!

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