venerdì 26 agosto 2011

The Blog Internationalization.

I made up my mind, finally!
I'll write this Blog in two languages, Italian and English, obviously to be more international.

For English-speaking brand-new readers, I introduce what is this "Molecules of Art & more..."

It is my personal project, based on a crazy idea: My Creativity!
In 2010 I began (...again, but this time seriously) to look at Visual Arts, at Design and all about this "world"!
I painted and drew a lot. I created a couple of sculptures, ready-made. Photography and digital arts, video editing, something (but very little so far) about music.
I wrote some poetries in the past, I have collected the best ones and I have written lots of new so, here in Italy, this year should be on every bookshops my first "Book"!
This year I became a writer, or something like that! =)
Now I have finished and I'm fixing my First Novel and I'll send it to all biggest Italian Editors soon (I hope)!!

My project is even oriented to help local Artist and Writer, now I live in a small Italian town where dreams remain dreams and nobody helps you to try to shine. But I haven't any feedback yet.
I'm doing all by myself, I'm discovering how hard is reach the top or maybe just the middle.
I am not better or worse than noone else, I'm just me, writer and artist, and I wanna shine!!
But I'd like to help other "Souls", maybe I can't do it alone, but I'm trying, I wanna do it.
Maybe they don't want to be helped, no problem, I won't get angry. I work on myself. =)
For all questions, explanations or anything, comments are free! ;)

Now go back to the translation spot. My intention isn't translating the posts literally, but writing as more as possible fluently and clearly. Making your reading easy and pleasant.
Unfortunately, I haven't time to looking for any plug-in or feautre, offereb by Blogger to change the language of whole blog in a click. But I don't mean a web translation, I need something like two different blog, but on the same platform and URL. I don't know if Blogger gives this opportunity, being free, but I hope to find something useful. It's needed a little patience. So please tolerate the double-language posting!!

If anybody knows some plug-in or features to increase the blog performance and remedy the double-posting, I'm here to hear your suggestion. I know I can open a new blog, and so...and so...
but this URL (so far) is not so bad...and I am a very-low-budget project!!

Please, feel free to correct my English! It's about one year I don't use it in complex's clear, I guess!! =)

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